Four Types of Casinos: the do’s and dont’s

When we are talking about casinos there is at least four types of them you can visit, with specific pros and cons about what you can do inside, that i will talk to you about:

The Fancy Casino

The big comercial casinos, full of as much gambling activities as extravagant decoration, welcomes everyone who wants to test their luck and skills. Bet on the high-roller games to get special treatment as cupons or free stuff, and be wise about the amounts you bet. Everything works well in this casinos but you should know that the house always wins, there is no need to get crazy since there is untargeted fierce competition among the players.

The Dive Casino

Differently from the big fancy casinos famous in Vegas, there is a small, cozier type of playing club located in quiet and calm villages and cities, where there is a regular group of costumers. To enjoy time, ask the locals for what the best games are and how to have a lot of fun. But because there is a big chance of the locals being friends with each other, they might play against you, since you are a fresh face.

The Rugged Old Casinos

There are the older casino wich do not offer you prime conditions and the best gambling experience you can expect, but there is always a way for clever gamblers to enjoy it. Play the roullet but be cautious, observe first to check if there is a tendency for any number, colour or sides of it. When you feel lucky, join in the competition. But when it comes to the slot mahcines, maintenance may not be the best, so you should be very carefull about playing them or avoid them until you see one that is working well, because there are no refunds if you lose your coins.

The Online Casino

Differently form all other casinos of the real world, there are the online ones where you can play anytime, anywhere you want. It’s the advantage and the disadvantage. Be aware of the the bónus you can receive for playing specific games at specific times and make the mosto f them. On the other hand, avoid the slot machines until you make sure it’s a fair game and will not ruin your chances of winning. Until then, play other games you feel will be fun without emptying your wallet.